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Wednesday 25 April 2018

about us

Stretching the boundaries of what opera can be and who it is for.

Mahogany Opera creates new opera in new ways, in different spaces and places throughout the UK and internationally. Each of our distinct projects aims to stretch the boundaries of what opera can be and who it is for.

We work with world-class and emerging artists, we create new works and reinvent existing ones - drawing on a range of cultural influences, theatrical methods, art-forms and technologies and involving local communities in the creative process.

Ultimately, our work exists in the imagination of our audiences. We try to involve them in everything we do, surprise them with extraordinary experiences, challenge their existing ideas and share with them the power and joy of combining music with theatre. 

“If you peel away the glossy trappings, opera not only grapples with the fundamental human need to sing, dance, ritualise and tell stories but also, through its ability to draw together different cultures and genres, is able to express most relevantly our multi-media, multi-cultural existence today.”  Frederic Wake-Walker, Artistic Director

Mahogany is a resident company at King’s College London and Watford Palace Theatre and works in collaboration with a wide range of venues, performing ensembles and non-arts partners. Find out more.

Mahogany Opera is a PRS for Music Foundation Talent Development Partner. 


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Join us on Friday 24 February for our festival of new work in progress.

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