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Friday 27 April 2018

The Rattler

The true and original story of Rumpelstiltskin

‘What the Rattler has wind of
will always blow ill,
For the Rattler will take
what the Rattler will.'

Every year, around this time, the people of Hobsmoor gather to hear Hob and his band of players retell the legend of the Rattler, a cautionary tale on wanting and manipulation.

Alyson, a poor weaver’s daughter, is bored of her simple life and dreams of a different lot. Meanwhile Crown Prince Aiden longs to be free of his mother’s royal expectations. As the wind blows, their desires call the Rattler to Hobsmoor and it seems that all their wishes have been granted. But they soon discover that everything comes at a price.

The Rattler is a new interactive retelling of Rumpelstiltskin . Each performance begins with a series of music and craft activities and a colourful pageant. As the festivities unfold with lively, folk-infused music, puppetry and inventive storytelling, you are invited to help bring this age-old tale to life.

Suitable for ages 7+
Running time approx. 2 hours

A Mahogany Opera Group production developed in association with Anvil Arts and Rosehill

Production supporters
With thanks to Chichester Charitable Trust, John S Cohen Foundation, Colwinston Charitable Trust, Ernest Cook Trust, Garfield Weston Foundation, John Wates Foundation, Newcomen Collett Foundation, PRS for Music Foundation, The Radcliffe Trust, The Reed Foundation, The Thistle Trust,  Alan Britten, Linda Christmas, Geoffrey Collens, Ian & Rachel Hamilton, John L M Hughes CBE, Charles & Tessa King-Farlow, Claudia Pendred, Garth & Lucy Pollard, John & Madeleine Tattersall, Christian & Katie Wells and those who wish to remain anonymous


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The true and original story of Rumpelstiltskin

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